Healthy Monday!: Yellow Smoothie Glow

Hi everyone! Here’s to a new smoothie bowl aka. my favorite kind of breakfasts! I think smoothie bowls are my faves simply because I love fruit so much and what better ways than to have them all blended together in a refreshing smoothie! I also love fruit salads, and tarts, yum tarts are sooo good! I had my boyfriend’s grandma’s 80th birthday this weekend and … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Yellow Smoothie Glow

Healthy Monday!: Breakfast Granola

Hi everyone! As I mentionned in my last Healthy Monday post on having an Acaï Smoothie Bowl for breakfast, I tempted doing my own granola. I’ve already posted that recipe a little while back but I tried a new one slightly different. I find granola super yummy, it’s not only a good breakfast to springle on top of yogurt or a smoothie bowl, you can also … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Breakfast Granola