Thought of the day #2: Where’s my energy at?

Hi there,

Am I the only one thinking that since the pandemic hit I’ve been drained of my energy? I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m getting older (I wouldn’t categorize 26 as the age I would become so tired) or just because our rhythm has been changed so much throughout this pandemic that it’s hard to even get back on track.

I used to be energetic, fresh and ready to go out any day any time. Life was free and there was so many things we could do that I was ready to be on the go. Covid changed that.

As the first lockdown hit, stores were closing, travel was banned, night clubs/bar/restaurants were also shutting down. All we had to do was stay at home. And like a lot of people, I used it as the occasion to go to bed early, work out, work on my well-being. While yes it has been good for my physical shape, getting into such a restrictive habit has literally killed my motivational power.

How do we get back on track while the world is still struggling to move forward?



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