Fighting with Our Planet Earth

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I have been MIA for a while but really wanted to share a post on this subject. Now that the Covid-19 (or most known under Corona virus) is spreading its wings around the world and affecting all of us in our every day lives I wanted to hear more about your thoughts on the subject and share some of my (not conventional) views on this.


I discussed with my sister at lunch how human kind was created and how all human life has sustained and evolved over the centuries. As we all know, our species has adapted to changes in the environment, weather, habitat and so forth and our genes slowly changed to adapt and live in such environment. This goes for animals as well, carnivores eat herbivores that in turn reproduce quicker to be able to work with the food chain. Everything has a meaning and we are all supposed to work with the natural changes on Earth and evolve with it. The problem is that our human kind has decided to beat the changes rather than work with them. We have created building to survive storms, medicine to combat illnesses and so on while this was signs that the earth was trying to balance out the population on its ground and we are fighting every battle to grow the population even more.

The earth is starting to get over-populated because of our technology and our knowledge on things and our choices to go against the natural events that Mother Nature brings to us. We are taking too much power and our planet is suffering from all the changes we are doing. Although a lot of people are starting to take steps to be more environmentally friendly and slow down their waste (me included), we are quite late in doing so and I believe that the planet is counter-attacking.

China is the mother place of the virus and as we all know China is also the mother place of more than half of what we own – being our clothe, phones and laptops – either the entire product or most of its material comes from China. So, with the country saturating, we will soon not be able to create with resources coming from China anymore. We will need to think of other ways to consume and create, even though prices will probably increase we will need to adapt and learn to live with what we have.

I think we can see this virus pushing us to stay put in our own country, only using what we have and being careful with human contact, we will learn to be more appreciative of what we have. If shops will not be able to propose new collections, we will start to wear the clothe that we already have. If the grocery shops cannot import from abroad anymore we will learn to appreciate locally produced goods and eat better. All that Covid-19 is pushing forward is for us to use what is already at our fingertips. It is pushing us to be greener quicker and to stop over consuming and destroying the planet in front of our own eyes.

If you don’t think it can be true just look at the pictures Nasa shared of China before and after the virus. Some of the biggest cities that are usually covered with a solution sky are clearing up and pollution is at its lowest it has ever been. Why? Because people cannot move around as easily anymore and they are forced to use other resources. The planet is working itself to better health and we are helping it without even knowing. So think about all the changes you CAN do willingly as well.


The planet is calling for help and natural disasters is the only way it knows how. We have had 5 storms since the beginning of the year, a virus that has contaminated people around the globe and the earth keeps fighting back. I don’t want to say that I am not sorry for everyone living in difficult situations as well as to all of those who have lost someone they love or know. I am truly sorry for your sufferance. While I can’t help all of you, we can all help OUR planet. Today is the day to start looking into what we can do to go back to the way Mother Nature was supposed to work and live better.


Do you think it’s possible that Mother Nature is fighting back? Do you think that all our innovations are breaking the circle of life?

Jen xx


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