Fashion Friday!: Summer Days


Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing good and that it’s sunny where you are! The weather is still uncertain in Paris, we go from storm and rain to sunny and very warm in no time but it can turn around in a second so it’s quite difficult to dress at the moment. You can either be freezing or dying of heat so I go for the “It’s June and I should be wearing summer clothe by now so I’m gonna wear summer clothe now’.

I do end up regretting it sometimes but it’s still worth those little moment of letting your bare legs enjoy some sunshine after having been stuck under the layers throughout the long winter!

I wore this outfit when I went to visit the castle in Versailles with some friends as you can see on my Instagram. We were super lucky it was extremely warm on that day so we could walk around and sit down in front of the lake watching people row. We also happened to arrive just as a man fell down over the boat into the river!! It was kind of funny to watch although we felt bad for the man but he and his girlfriend were looking over the same side of the boat so  you could just see the boat tip to one side and as he was heavier, the boat tipped and he felt. Luckily for the woman the boat didn’t completely turn over and she could stay dry!


So back to this outfit, my sister bought me this dress in Bali when she went there on holidays and I’ve been in love with it ever since she brought it home! I like off the shoulders dresses in the summer time yet I struggle to find some that suit me well. The ruffles on this one actually help make it fall just right and you can also keep it on your shoulders if you prefer. It has bery summery color which I’m trying to get into at the moment.


I paired it with a bag that has a handle so it doesn’t have to stay on your shoulder and leave a tan mark! Then the sunnies are from a market in Deauville, they were only 10 euros and I love the tree like trim it has.



Sometimes the best things are from the places you least expect them to be!

Love, Jen xx

Dress: Bought in Bali

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Bag: Dries Van Noten

Sunnies: Bought in a market in Deauville


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