Healthy Monday!: Yellow Smoothie Glow


Hi everyone!

Here’s to a new smoothie bowl aka. my favorite kind of breakfasts! I think smoothie bowls are my faves simply because I love fruit so much and what better ways than to have them all blended together in a refreshing smoothie! I also love fruit salads, and tarts, yum tarts are sooo good! I had my boyfriend’s grandma’s 80th birthday this weekend and there was 4 different types of tart. Let me be honest here and say that I tried all of them. You say tart and I say I’ll be right there. Maybe I’ll put of a tart recipe on Sunday! What do you think?

Okay, I’m babbling off here so let’s get back to this smoothie. I’ve been having quite a breakout on my skin lately so as I follow Sarah’s Day on YouTube (if you don’t know who that it go check her out she is simply awesome!) and she started her channel to share her evolution with her body and skin and she uses a lot Maca powder to balance out her hormones and help against acne so thought I’d give it a try in this smoothie bowl.



I blended up some frozen pinneaple, mango and lytchee, added some coconut water to get a consistency that is a bit more liquidy and less sorbet like and then added some Aduna Baobad Powder as well as some Naturya Maca Powder.

If actually turned out really yummy, I rarely put lytchee in my smoothies but they were on sale in the frozen section so I thought why not! And then I love topping in up with whichever fruits is left in the fridge, some coconut flakes and of course granola for an extra crunchyness.

What’s your favorite smoothie bowl topping?

Love, Jen xx


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