Fashion Friday!: Walking around town


Hello everyone!

Don’t you just love these spring days when there’s a clear blue sky and just a tiny bit of wind? Those are my favorite kind of days because you can send the whole day outside walking around town, discovering new neighborhoods and finding new small caffes you’d like to sit in.

But for every walk around town, you need the proper outfit! Lately I’ve been loving wearing these kind of pants on a daily basis. I have a hard time finding some that fit well though as I like them to be a bit baggy yet still look classy. I hate when pants are extremely tight. If I want tight bottoms I’ll get skinny jeans but pants are made to look classy and fall properly so these have definetely been my favorites over the years!


I find that with white sneakers you don’t want to spend too much money on them because they can quite easily get dirty, especially when you live in a place with unpredicted rain showers!! So I found these for 20 euros and I’m extremely careful with when I wear them as I’d like to keep them this white but then if it rains, it was only 20 euros so I can still buy another pair in the future!


Now these bags have gotten pretty popular lately. You mostly see the big formats around but I love having this round straw bag as an accessory to spring summer outfits. The long strap puts it just in the right spot of the hips and I love the light color of it. You can see this outfit in my highlights on Instagram in case you missed my stories 🙂



Hope you’re enjoying the nice summer days and that the rain hasn’t reached you yet!

Love, Jen xx

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Bag: Bought in Bali

Sneakers: Pull&Bear


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