Healthy Monday!: Good Tips June


Hi everyone,

Here’s to another series of Good Tips. I like writing these not only because I like posting on the blog but for myself, it makes me look even more into what is in season and why I should take it in some more this month. It also helps to alternate your main ingredients each month so that you don’t only eat repetitive meals.

This months we’re going to focus on cucumber and tomatoes. I’ve actually stopped eating cucumbers for a while as I got bored of them. They’re so watery that sometimes it’s just bleh in your salads but they’re actually a great ingredient to eat in your daily lives. High water content fruits and vegetables are important as they nourrish your body from the inside. While you may drink a lot of water, those fruits and vegetables with high water content are directly absorbed by your skin and benefit towards a healthier and glowing skin! And I mean, who wouldn’t want a fresh looking skin especially now that summer is right around the corner. With summer coming as well it’s important to stay focused on getting enough water because you sweat a lot of it out that it’s extremely important to keep your body hydrated.

I don’t eat a lot of tomatoes, I don’t like them very much, I mainly stay on cherry tomatoes even if they don’t all have the exact same amount of health benefits I stay on what I like as I don’t like forcing myself to eat something I don’t enjoy. I do it from time to time just to try and see if there’s a potential that my taste buds  have changed but it rarely happens.

Cucumbers benefits: the high water content of cucumbers prevent dryness and wrinkling of the skin, as well as removing the toxins that can age us. It is rich in potassium, magnesium and fiber so it naturally reduces high blood pressure by balancing the fluids in your body. It also contains some vitamin C and B5. It’s also known yo help deal with digestive problems!
Extra summer tip: you can apply cucumber to soothe your skin when you’ve been sunburnt!

Tomatoes benefits: tomatoes contain several antioxidants including vitamin A, K, Bs and C. They are quite high in fiber, magnesium, iron, phosphoris and potassium that help regulate body fluids. They’re an excellent source of quercetin and lutein which helps keep the eyes and heart healthy.
Extra summer tip: the lycopene, the red pigments of tomatoes, help support the skin’s natural UV defense.



As a meal it’s pretty easy to combine these, you just throw them into a salad as I always do. I put some kale and lettuce as the base, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber as well as sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as topping. There’s no high source of protein in that salad but you can add either some quinoa or chicken or eggs which blend in pretty well. I just had a lot of protein already that day so didn’t want to have more and felt more like a lighter salad.

Hope you enoyed this new Good Tips post! What do you try to focus on eating each month?

Love, Jen xx


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