Fashion Friday!: Fancy drinks under the sun


Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying each day the sun comes out! Although I know some of you may have exams or are working all day long, taking Friday evening off is a great way to destress after a long week and enjoy some time with friends and family. I think it’s important to have at least one evening off for our well-being and to give us strenght to keep going.

While I was doing my studies I was so busy in trying to achieve certain things that I set myself up to that I completely dropped my social life. It’s quite difficult to catch back on it now yet I really want to try to get back in touch with everyone and try to make some effort in planning things with everyone.

Here in Paris we have quite a few nice places where you can go get drinks after work and start your way into the weekend with a good Dj without needing to go out clubbing. I’m not much for staying out super late anymore as I’ve been in my own little bubble I’m taking it slow but I love getting a drink with friends at 6 or 7pm to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. It’s also an occasion to dress up!

Here is my new favorite dress, it’s super comfy and I don’t usually buy dresses with short sleeves. More than half of my closet is filled with strappy tops and dresses and sometimes you just don’t want to wear a strappy top. So this dress comes in super handy and also looks quite fancy if you pair it up nicely yet can also be worn with a pair of espadrilles to be dressed down.


I paired it with those heels that I bought two years ago and could never figure out when to wear them and for what occsion to I took them out again and I am starting to get a good use out of them! I like that they have a chunky heel and the two buccles on the side. They’re not at all like your typical stilleto heels yet still manage to dress up any outfit.


Pair it with a hat and you’re ready for a fancy drink under the sun! Do you have that with hats that some days they look great on you and other days you wonder how to ever thought that? I’ve been thinking that for the past few months and now magically they fit again so I’m really happy about that and can get a good use out of them!


I totally forgot that I had this little clutch, I got it from Christmas from one of my friends yet don’t really use this color bags in the winter so packed it away. Happy that I decided to Spring clean my room as I found it accidently just as I was going to get drinks with my friends in the evening and adds just the perfect touch!

What do you do to destress at the end of a week?

Love, Jen xx

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Mango

Bag: Charles and Keith

Hat: Topshop


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