Healthy Monday!: Mango Grape Smoothie Bowl


Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well this Monday. What have you been up to this weekend?

In France there’s a few days off in the month of May so for those who work it’s great as you get some days off and can even jump a day to take a long weekend! Spring is my favorite period of the year and while we have had quite a long winter, we are finally starting to have a lot of nice days which makes it so much better to be out and about in Paris. I love those days where the sun is shinning, there’s a very mild wind and you can just enjoy the sun finally hitting your skin. Even if we haven’t had sun for a while it’s still important to use sunscreen, first of all because it protects you against skin cancer, but it also helps keep your skin young!

While I’m all about trying to take care of my body from the inside with a healthy lifestyle, it’s important not to forget that you also need to take care of your skin outside as it can’t fight for itself. It’s best to be too careful and have that extra layer of sunscreen than to be sorry later on when you get burned. Sure, some of you might say you have southern blood, you don’t get sunburned but your skin still get’s affected and it will impact your wringles later on. Being in the generation we’re in, we have the advantage of having all these information around us about how to really take care of ourselves. We have to take advantage of that. We are the generation that can learn and be better for our future self. At 22, I’m happy to try to work towards a healthy lifestyle. Sure I have my cheat days but I already want to teach my body to lean towards healthy cravings now, rather than in 10 years when I have kids and it becomes a lot harder to work on yourself. I want this healthy life beforehand so I can directly incorporate it into my kids lives.


Enough about my healthy lifestyle plans, here’s to today’s smoothie post! I tend to go more towards berry smoothies, they’re so much easier to throw into a blender and I love the boost of berries that’s I forget there’s other options. So I try to move away from it a bit (will be coming with my very first green smoothie very soon as well as I just bought green superfood powders!, so stay tuned) and decided to try out a mango, dragon fruit and raisin smoothie. It surprisingly tasted very nice and sweet as well as being quite filling. As I mentionned before, I’m not a fan of bananas as they overtake a lot of the taste so I use mango to make my smoothies thicker but I loved this blend with dragon fruit and red and green raisins. It gave it a superboost and I also added in some Aduna Baobab powder for some Vitamin C as the change in weather leans toward getting sick and nothing better than vitamin C so fight the flue!


It was a good mix to add the blueberries on top as the contradincting flavors actual marry pretty well and it’s a great texture mix between the softness of blueberries and the crunch of granola.

What are your favorite toppings for smoothie bowls?

Love, Jen xx


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