Healthy Monday!: Good tips May


Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I skipped over March and April for these good tips but will really try to keep them up!

May is the key month of the year where you should think about what you nourrish your body with. I mean, it’s important all year around, but after our Easter hunts, we need to focus on those summer body we aim for! When summer comes along and it’s getting so hot that we want to go on the beach, wear shorts and summer dresses we need to feel comfortable in our skin. I don’t believe that everyone need to look the same. We all have a different ideal and the most important is that you nourrish your body well so that you feel good in your own skin.

So when focusing on what good food types you should eat, I like to look at it through seasons and eat the fruits and vegetables that are good and fresh in the moment. Sure fruits and vegetables are available all year around now but many of them are grown scientifically and I like to eat natural fruits and vegetables. That’s what they are for! It also helps reduce your footprint on the planet to buy locally seasonal products as they haven’t travelled the world so I like to help with each little step I can.


In May, it’s time to take out the avocados and spinach. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s important to lighten up our meals so that they’re refreshing and savoury. It’s important to get those nutrients and healthy fats in every meal as you tend to eat less with the hot weather (not less ice cream but I’ll keep that for another snacking post!) so you have to pack each meal with as many nutrients you can!

I actually don’t like avocados but I’ve been trying for two months now to change that as they’re a very healthy fat and I think make up a great meal in the summer. I don’t really like the mushiness and taste that it has, so I start by adding a lot of lemon juice on top as well as a pinch a pink Himalayan salt to make it easier to eat and actually I think it marries very well like that on top of the spinach!


Avocados contain healthy fats which means they have monounsaturated fats that can help reduce bad cholesterol. They are quite high in vitamins C, E and B6 as well as high in iron, magnesium and potassium. These help boost the immune system and keep a healthy skin and heart.

Spinach also have it’s own share of nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins C, K and E and contain iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Spinach is know to help boost bone strength and keep eyes healthy.

As a meal I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, these small rye bread sandwhiches are great for a light yet filling lunch. I add on top some seeds because why not increase your daily intake of superfoods by simply springling on some seeds on top of your meals? Here I added Hemp Seeds and Sunflower seeds which are high in Omega-3, 6 and Vitamin E.

Let me know what you think of these Good Tips post and if you have any recommendations!

Love, Jen xx


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