Fashion Friday!: Parisian Jumpsuit style


Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well!

While I’m here hoping that Spring would show up, the wind and rain are not helping, it still feels like deep winter… So we’re still wearing big jumpers in April and all I want to do is wear nice dresses and go summer shopping.

At least we can try to put lighter jackets on and keep hoping for the sun! How’s the weather where you are? I would love to get to know more about my readers as it seems they come from all over the world.


This has been my favorite outfit lately, it’s so comfy yet looks chic enough to wonder around. Funny story about this jumpsuit actually. I nanny after class a little 3 year old boy. I came to get him in class and he was like “Why are you wearing that?” pointing to my pants. “Do you not like them?” I asked, “No” he said with his little voice. It was so funny I love how honest he is!

But no matter what he thinks I really like it, I keep my hair in the jumper so they just jump out a little bit and it gives it a very classy French style I feel. I know I always post the outfits laid out on the floor but would you prefer also having them worn? I’m not that comfortable on pictures but I feel like it does give it a better idea to see worn that laid out. Let me know!



Jumper: H&M

Jumpsuit: SHEIN

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Cluse

Rings: H&M

Love, Jen xx


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