Fashion Friday!: Future Career Goals


Hi everyone!

It has come to the time in my life where I need to make serious decisions about where I see myself go in the future. It’s challenging finding what is your right path, looking over your past experiences to understand where you will fit in best and work your hardest. I’m finishing my masters degree classes in May and will need to do an internship to finish my degree. I like doing internships as it helps you see where you’re at and what you actually enjoy doing. Everything you learn at university is helpful in terms of theory and practice but you don’t actually know what you enjoy before doing it.

I’ve given this a lot of thought in the past couple of months and after having worked in various departments, I still find myself drawn towards the fashion industry. I’ve tried working in the tech industry – B2B company – as well as worked in hospitality during my studies and such but nothing has me quite excited and going as the fashion industry. What I love most about this industry is it’s constant change and challenge. What we see on the runway changes every season, consumer taste is always evolving and we inspire each other without even noticing. The fashion industry is one of the most influencial industries that teaches us about what fits our body types and what goes well together.

Other than to become more confident with myself and get into a healthy lifestyle, this blog allowed me to understand fashion and clothe that go well together. It shows me on a daily basis how the way that we dress categorize us. While Fashion Houses keep coming up with new ideas, new designs and fabrics to catch our eye, what I find most passionating of all is how they do all of that and keep true to their value.

I put a lot of importance on personal culture and values and believe that staying true to who you are is significant! It’s not always easy to do so though. The world we live in today is very influencial and we aspire to be other people that we see on various media.

There’s a strong difference between copying others and getting inspired by others.

I love being on social media, following bloggers and getting inspired. It’s one of the faboulous sides of social media because you have a world wide access you can litterally get access to anyone. I love looking at current trends, how people style items and get inspired to fit it into my own style. Fashion Houses portray values: femininity, power, romanticism, classyness and so on. I look up to the houses such as Chanel, Dior, Chloé and more because they started with an image, a value from that one person that brought it all up by creating their ideas to share with the world. And these values have of course evolved but the original essence remains and it’s beautiful. To work in fashion means being able to encourage others, to set an image to items that will inspire consumers and to learn from the inside how this culture is portrayed all the way through.

I love doing my blog as it allows me to work on what I love, to evolve everyday and be on social media to understand what is going on in the market. What I miss is the more challenging work side, the analytical side, the development of new projects and working along with a team to create something great! I want to work with a team to make a difference in consumers life and work on the project management marketing to be a point of contact with consumers as well as manage everything from shooting, showroom and coordinate the work between various of teams.

Here are my goals, I hope I’ll be able to achieve them. If not for now, I’m not going to give up so easily as I’m determined to work with something I’m passionate about, that is challenging and from which I can learn a whole lot!

Going to the Fashion Friday post, here’s a new little outfit I set together. I got these boots for my birthday and I’m in love! They have quite a particular look with the bukkles on the front and I love this edgy look with the little nails along the side.

I paired it with the shirt from Zara that is quite classic except from the sleeves that have this feather hairy look that gives quite a nice twist!


In terms of accessories I wore my trusted black belt. I think I never mentionned before that my belt is actually silver on the inside! It’s such an interesting detail that goes very well with my watch bracelet and the necklace. And then of course my little bag that completes the look perfectly!


I think it’s my new favorite outfit! What’s your favorite item in this outfit?

Top: Zara

Jeans: Primark

Belt: Dries Van Noten

Boots: Jonak

Watch: Cluse

Necklace: &Other Stories

Love, Jen xx



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