Healthy Monday!: Good Tips February


Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well this start of February. We’ve been freezing our butts off here in Paris this week as the snow has made surface! We haven’t had this much snow for a few years here in the city so it’s a big adjustment for everyone suddenly we have to get the shovels back out to clear a passage and none of us have the fitting shoes to walk in the snow! Here’s a picture of how it looks like by where I live, I love how it feels like I’m up in the mountains to ski:


Here’s to another ‘Good Tips’ blog post, I think it’s interesting to look at what is in season and what you can do with those different ingredients. I’ll try in the following month to make a recipe that includes both ingredients or maybe state two or three recipes you can do so you can vary things up! Don’t hesitate to tag me here or on my Instagram when you try out a recipe and got inspired from here! I’d love to see what you have in mind and how you vary up recipes (:

There’s not as many options in the winter months than there are in the summer months but there’s still very good healthy options you can do!
The vegetable of the months I would recommend is endives. These are full of vitamin A, which helps improve vision, and B – especially B1, B3, B5 and B6 – which have good antioxidant properties. They’re a good source of minerals as well such as manganese, copper and iron that are significant to a well functioning and healthy body! Endives are good with diabetes and blood sugar as well as help promote stronger bones with it’s source of vitamin K.

The fruit that I love eating, regardless if it’s in season or not, is mango. I love mango because you can do so so much with it and eat it in so many ways! Mango is beneficial to soothe the digestive system and also has a soluble fiber that helps reduce ‘bad’ blood cholesterol. It is rich in pottasium and is a good source of vitamin C and E, which can boost the body’s immune system and healthy skin that is perfect for this season!
You can use mango in both smoothies, if like me you don’t like banana as much to thicken the smoothie, or in a salad, being a normal green salad or fruit salad like below. It adds a touch of exoticness and freshness to a meal.

In the winter months we tend to want to go home, hide under a blanket in front of a movie with a hot chocolate and cakes because it warms you heart. I do love doing this on a Sunday, yet the rest of the week I like something refreshing to keep me going and not stay a potato couch all day. A little fruit bowl with a cup of tea is perfect to fit your sugar cravings and heat you up! It’s my to go drink of the winter months with a hint of honey, ginger and lemon to keep the sore throat away and help against colds!

While I just did a fruit salad for a snack or dessert, you can also make a salad with the endives and mango that marry quite well in taste!

I put some mango and kiwi fruit here to get some vitamins to help me keep my energy levels up and help me stay awake and going all day. I always get a cup of tea when I get home as it’s freezing outstide and I need to be heated up!


Do you have a favorite healthy snack to do when you get home?

Love, Jen xx


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