Fashion Friday!: High heels and classy bag


Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a good week and are as ready for the weekend as I am! There are some days where you just don’t feel like dressing up while others where you just want to get out and look your best. Those days are quite rare, but when they come along I love getting into a nice pair of shoes and bring out one of my favorite bags.

You get easily overwhelmed with life that the way you dress has to come second. I still make an effort on my look everyday but tend to wear the same pair of flat shoes or sneakers and my coat on top of a simple button up shirt and black jeans outfit. I rarely get out my nice shoes and bag because I can’t bother switching everything from one bag to the next to start with and running around in heels is not my favorite thing to do!

But some days you’ve just got to get out of bed and dress to impress! So I decided to take up my high heeled boots, get out one of my favorite bags and just rock my outfit.

I saw this shirt in Zara and decided to think about if I really wanted/needed it or not. I have nothing that looks like this as I usually stay away from beads that I feel is going to fall of easily and stops you from putting your shirt in the wash. But 2 weeks later I was still obsessed that I had to go back and get it! I also got the last one in my size! Can’t believe I almost missed out! I like this shirt as you can both wear it as a fancy shirt over a skirt but you can also wear it to make a simple classic outfit pop out.

I paired it with a simple pair of black jeans and black jumper but I love showing the colar details and the sleeves details as well. It suits so perfectly with this bag too. I’m obsessed with this bag! It’s the perfect size to fit everything that you need during the day where you have a lot of things to do and I like that it has a zipper pocket in the middle so I can put my wallet and phone. I get very easily paranoid that someone is going to steel my stuff so I like having bags with a zipper pocket.


I also love these boots, I rarely wear them because they’re quite high to walk around with all day, but I need to get used to wearing with heels again, I kind of miss it! And if you don’t walk around in them very often you forget how it feels and then your legs get all sore and your feet suffer all day… so don’t forget to wear those heels from time to time to get your feet used to being bent all day!


I paired it with a few accessories like usual, something quite sober as the shirt already has the beads. I always wear my trusted Cluse watch, can’t go anywhere without a watch on my wrist! Also added a few rings, I used to wear a lot of rings and then nothing but now I’m starting to feel empty without anything on my fingers so starting to put some rings on more often (:

Sweater: Only

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Primark

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Bag: Charles and Keith

Watch: Cluse

Bracelet: Gag et Lou

Rings: most likely H&M I don’t remember

Love, Jen xx


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