Fashion Friday!: Birthday celebrations


Hi everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend! Once again, I’m late on posting but thought it would be alright to post on Monday for once as it’s my birthday and I can share a nice fancy diner birthday outfit! I am turning 22 today and so a nice little celebration is expected. I’m only doing something small this year but small or big it’s always an opportunity to wear a nice outfit!

I have an exam this afternoon, hope that my birhtday will give me some luck! I’m starting to get quite tired of school. I usually love learning, the experience of going to university and building a network but lately it has taken up so much of my time it makes me feel like I’m not living anymore. You know, when you work, unless you are in a demanding position, you get off work and you’re most likely off work. You’re done until you get back to the office the next day. When you study, you’re never really off. There’s always a paper to read, a chapter to prepare, a group project to do or an exam to prepare for. You’re constantly stressed and feeling like you’re forgeting an assignment.

I’ve had a lot of trouble lately finding myself. I get lost a lot in my own head and life feels like it’s just passing by me and I’m not a part of it. Being at school is partly at fault for that as I don’t have much time to do the things I enjoy. It’s due to the way I work. I study a lot everyday because I need to give myself the satisfaction of knowing I did my absolute best but because of that everything else passes second. So life is feeling a bit empty at the moment and a nice time off tonight to celebrate my birthday is going to be great!


This is one of the few tops that my sister is not allowed to steel. I really love it as it’s very sober and has a nice detailed neck broderie. My sister can get a bit over excited and so she tends to accidently spill something on the clothe or drop a bit of makeup and this perfectly white top needs to stay perfectly white!


To make it a complete outfit, I stole her skirt haha this skirt is going through the whole family, it’s just so perfect for a chill day or a fancy night out. It’s also the only high waist skirt that we really have that fits with anything!


Lastly, I stole the shoes from my mom. Because if you don’t enjoy having one day a year where no one is allowed to say no to you to borrow some nice shoes you’re not properly enjoying your birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’re really comfy and I love this heel height. You can dance and walk all night and your feet will still feel perfect!


The pouch comes from Bali and I thought it was a good contrast between the black suede skirt and the very classy white top. I also added a nice little bracelet and my latest favorite watch from Cluse!

I woke up this morning to a nicely set table with a heart on my seat and nice little Danish flags around my plate. It’s a tradition in Denmark to take out our flag when there’s something to celebrate, I thought it was really cute to wake up and eat breakfast around this. Do you have any traditions in your country for birthdays?

Top: Zara

Skirt: Somewhere in Paris

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Pouch: Bought in Bali

Bracelet: Pandora

Watch: Cluse

Love, Jen xx


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