Healthy Monday!: Post Workout Breakfast


Hi everyone,

I have recently started to take gym classes again in the mornings on the weekends and thought I would share what I eat after my workout! As the session is at 9, I come back at 10 and it’s between breakfast and lunch so I think smoothie bowls are the perfect fit as they’re filling but not too heavy to stop me from getting in an actual meal by 2pm.

I start my morning with a glass of lemon or mandarine juice in a cup topped with luke warm water just to get my system going and give me some vitamin C before my workout. If I feel weak and hungry, I’ll grab a fruit as well as I can’t train on an empty stomach I get dizzy and fruit doesn’t weight me down.

Once the workout is done, I take all my ingredients out to let them come to room temperature a bit while I jump in the shower and then I’m ready to get on with my breakfast that my tummy has been calling for for the past hour!

As it is post workout, I include some Vanilla protein powder just to keep me energised and keep the good fit and I also add some Tropeaka Immunity and Baobab Powder as it gives me vitamin C and good antioxidants to keep away my winter sickness. I’ve been feeling quite sick lately and so trying to fix myself up with green tea and honey all day long for my throat and good minerals to kick my immunity system back up!


It the smoothie I use mango to make a thicker base as I’m not a huge fan of bananas, they feel too heavy for my taste but do occasionnally have some, then I added a cup of frozen mixed berries as I love blueberries and blackberries, they’re very high in vitamins and there’s nothing better for the immunity boost! I add extra raspberries afterwards because they give a sweeter taste than the other berrries that are a bit more sour. I microwave them a bit because I don’t like my smoothie to be ice cold and I personally feel like it gives my smoothie more taste and then just top it up with some water to make it a bit lighter and allow everything to mix properly.


I sometimes also add oats inside but as I springled some granola on top, I didn’t think it was necessary. I added a half apple in small pieces, some chia seeds as well as coconut flakes. I love these coconut flakes from WholeFoods, they feel so fresh and natural! I tried different ones but they were a lot sweeter which made it taste too much like candy and was not as enjoyable. As we do not have a WholeFoods (that I know of!) in France, I bought those on a weekend in London and made a little storage in my suitcase for future use!

I like to put so much on my smoothie bowls that I actually changed bowl as I wasn’t able to put this many things on top. So that I don’t overdo my portion I still keep my bowl small but I bought a flatter yet larger bowl so it keeps the same content inside. It is quite helpful to portion control yourself using bowls as a full one will make you believe you eat a lot more (I mean, it is a lot in this bowl but it could be worse!) and will help you not to take some more or overdo it when you have a big plate you feel you need to fill up.

What’s your go to breakfast after a workout? (:

Love, Jen xx


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