Fashion Friday!: Just Breathe


Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve had a good week and are ready to relax and take care of yourself for this weekend! Like I posted on my instagram, last week I believe, “just breathe” I was thinking that we forget to take a break from all the busy-ness of life and take a moment to enjoy the moment and just breathe. Do you ever stop during the day and think about your situation, what you are doing with your life, what you are doing right now, why and how it’s benefiting you? I like to stop from time to time and just look at my surroundings and listen to the nature. No phone, no laptop, no one I know around. Just me and all my senses. Enjoy where you are right now because we’re never really getting back. We’re growing up everyday and you never know where tomorrow will take you. So enjoy the present and everything that you have. Look at what makes you happy and what is holding your back. It’s not worth draging on to weight on your shoulders on your journey, the ones you surround yourself with should give you wings to fly and support you with your dreams. Not everyone believes, but you have to support. Take life into your own hands and take advantage of everything that you have.

I like those breather moments as it makes me question myself and if I’m taking things for granted. It allows me to reflect on myself and what I actually good at. It helps take time to think and leads you in the right way. It’s why I started blogging. It allowed to take a look at myself and review what I was doing good and not. It helped me see what made me feel good with my body and learn what I should put in my body with the Healthy Mondays.

For this Fashion Friday, it’s like 100% cosy yet fancy outfit. I love this jumper it’s big and cosy and you can cuddle yourself up in it. You can either wear it with a skirt or tucked in to jeans also looks very good! I also love the color, although I fair skinned it doesn’t wash you out and its gives on the contrary that light tone of color without it being eye catching to everyone. I rolled up the sleeves once, they’re quite long so depending on my mood I leave them down or pull them up.


I paired it with those over the knee boots because it’s very cold and they are gorgeous. The heel is a bit high but I still love wearing them and it does a good combination with a large cosy jumper I feel. I’m always scared to look too ‘slutty’ when wearing these boots as they’re very out there with the high heel and over the knee but paired well they can look extremelly classy and can fancy up a more basic outfit!


Like usual I paired it with my watch from Cluse – it’s a new one I ordered in December to change up with the bracelets and I love being able to exchange bracelets with your outfit! I also wore a chocker that I got for Christmas but I don’t tie it all the way up like a chocker, I like having it hang a bit just between your color bones, it fits in perfectly and ties the whole outfit together.


What is the favorite item of your closet right now? Something old or did you just get it?

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Boots: Zara

Watch: Cluse

Bracelet: Gag&Lou

Chocker: Primark

Love, Jen xx

Ps: Sales are on in Paris now, it’s very hard to resist!


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