Fashion Friday!: Blogging to accept myself


Hi everyone,

Sticking to my 2018 resolutions to make more of what makes me happy, here’s a new fashion blog post! It’s time consuming to write up and take pictures but I actually really enjoy writing blog posts. I started these blogs as a way to get better with how I felt with myself and get into a healthier lifestyle. Healthy body and healthy mind. It’s important to accept yourself: who you are and how you look. We’re all unique and that’s what makes us special. It took me quite a while to start accepting how I looked and being able to make up outfits for the blog helped me find what looks good with my body type and to accept and like my figure. I’m still not super comfortable on pictures myself but it’ll come eventually. Nothing happens from one day to the other and being more confident in my body appearance is definitely a long term fight that’s totally worth it! I’ll also talk more about this next week with a Healthy Monday post (:

You get so easily busy everyday that even doing something you love like fashion is quite demanding. Setting up outfits for the blog actually pushes me to be creative and have outfit ideas for busy days! So when you don’t have time to think about what to wear because we all know the famous:

“I have nothing to wear!”

even if we have the closet full of clothe but it gets boring to stare into your closet. Designing outfits all the way to accessories and bags is helpful to get new use of your clothe and freshen up your look from time to time. As I said, taking pictures with just outfits laid out is time consuming so doing it one week at a time is too long. Instead when I have a day off I take out 5 random items from my closet and make out a few outfits. Then I have a few outfits ready to post and a few outfits to wear when I need!

Today’s outfit is made out with a new jumper my sister got me for Christmas. It has a different look from what I generally own as it has colorful elastics at the sleeves ti take them in and have a puff at the bottom. I like that it’s high neck so it covers the colar bones and has no cleavage. It looks very classy especially paired with faux leather jeans I like to dress it down during the day!

I paired it with my small ankle boots that are open to the side, I haven’t worn these in a while but it’s bad for your feet to wear the same shoes everyday so I’m fetching out old boots again.


I also used a faux fur bag to bring out this winter season and warmth. I love having a colorful or a different accessory to bring out an all black outfit. This faux fur bag is perfect at this time of the year and is a good pair to the faux leather jeans!


Then just took out a few accessories to taste and outfit is perfect! Now I have a new great outfit from a new jumper and old clothe! My new addiction is rose gold. I want everything in copper or rose gold it’s so pretty and fits perfectly with my skin color and the color patterns I usually wear. Nothing better than the holiday season to freshen up your closet!


Jumper: &OtherStories

Jeans: Only

Shoes: River Island

Bag: gift from Asia

Watch: Cluse

Necklace: Primark

Do you have find this trouble of figuring out an outfit on busy days?

Love Jen xx



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