New Year: Stop Taking Things for Granted

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great end of 2017 and a good start to the new year! I haven’t been able to post for a while, seems like I’m repeating myself in each blog post I know, but it’s not always easy to make what you’d like a priority when life just comes at you. With the few days off that I have, I’m trying to prep pictures and blog posts in advance so I can go back into a weekly rythm or at least once a month! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this going (:

Like everyone seem to do at this time of the year, it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. The resolutions that we all seem to make and all seem to forget about a month into the new year. Why is that, that we do resolutions that we’ll most likely not be able to uphold? Why do we keep making unrealistic plans instead of trying to move a little forward each year towards our dream life? It’s not the first year I wonder why we make resolutions if we know in advance that by the time the next year hits us our list will still be uncompleted. It’s not the first time that I wonder if I should stop making tangible plans for this year and should start changing my way of thinking. It’s not the first time I wonder those things but it’s the first time I’m actually taking action of this.

This year I don’t want to make any resolutions that I can skip on. I’m done writting on my list “Learning a new language” every year or telling myself to “Workout some more”. Of course it’s in my goals to take care of my body and be healthy, but it’s not a resolution that I need to take, it’s something that I should want to do regardless of the new year and want to incorporate in my life.

What I’ve realised I need to start doing is stop taking things for granted.

When we get into a routine in life, at work or with a certain person, we tend to forget that it’s not given to everyone. That having a roof over our head is not just always there but that it takes a lot of work and dedication and that not everyone has this chance. It’s easy to forget to appreciate what we have when we think it’s just always going to be there. It’s about the big things and the little things in life that we need to enjoy everyday and work on to make better. While I’ve noticed this because I see a lot of homeless people on the street and think that it must be really hard in this cold weather and so I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, I’ve especially noticed in these past two weeks in my relationships.

My two best friends live abroad and so we only get to see each other during the Christmas holidays or Summer holidays if we manage to be in town at the same time. Yet after two weeks of them being home I’ve only seen them once. We put to tomorrow what we can do today. Life seems to get in the way that you don’t force yourself to make time anymore. It’s the kind of people you think are always going to be there and who will wait another day. They most likely will wait another day, but making effort for the people you love is important. Before I’ve realised it, they’ll be leaving again and we wouldn’t have spent enough time together. Sure it doesn’t just go one way, they have to make efforts too but you can’t always blame on others what you’re not doing yourself.

It’s almost been 10 months since I got together with my boyfriend and as the months pass, I notice that we take having each other’s company a bit for granted. I love him more than anything in the world and I’m grateful to have him in my life. He made 2017 so much better for me and I can’t thank him enough for bringing a smile back to my face when I thought I lost it. We do small and big things for each other, have cute attentions and ideas to make the other happy, plan for the future and prepare small surprises but over these things you start getting into the routine of having them there with you. I’m simply talking about the little things such as dressing up every time we go for diner together or wanting to look nice and be attentionate when they come over. We start being on our phone when we’re together, get into our cosy clothe at diner and such. It shows that we’re comfortable with one another but why do you stop wanting to look good in their eyes all the time? Why is it that getting into the routine takes away the extra mile we used to go on for the first dates? As I get more comfortable with myself around him I have no problems wearing no make up, having sports bra on and putting my big fluffy jumpers. It’s great that I can be myself around him but it’s important to still go the extra mile from time to time. Such as putting nice underwear on so he gets a nice surprise we he undresses you or putting the phone away to really connect and have the whole world just being you two for a night and small things like that that can make the difference.

Taking things for granted is so easy to do. Why do we leave for tomorrow what can be done today? Why is it that you only try really hard to look good and please someone in the first few months of a relationship and then, even if you know they’ll stick around, stop making that little piece of effort? At almost 22, I believe that these are the small things that we need to change because it’s those small things that do all the difference.

Remember the excitement you get when you go on a first date and try to do your best to look good and that the whole world is focused on that other person. Remember to switch off from technology when you’re with someone, unless you’re expecting an important call, because Instagram is not going to vanish during the next hour. Enjoy connecting with people in person and not always through a screen. It’s the moments that really affect you, without even noticing, but it can make life so much better. Talking, laughing and eye contact is a part of what makes us grow into better people.

Simply remember to think twice before taking something for granted instead of really enjoying the moment you get. Live one day at a time and smile with all your heart. Don’t expect anything from others but always do your best to make each moment count.

Love, Jen xx


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