Healthy Monday!: Quinoa Salad bowl


Hi everyone!

A day late but it’s still here! I’m trying to do a good mix between what I put up on the blog for Healthy Monday, mainly because I put it up on my Instagram and I want a good flow of pictures. So here’s to a new post and something new I tried out actually.

I feel like I always end up eating the same things because I don’t like wasting time on a meal I’m not gonna end up eating because I don’t like it. But this time I tried to mix a few things I like together and it turned out like a good and filling meal. You can’t actually see it on the picture but there’s quinoa under the vegetables as the main source of carb. I’ve got a boiled egg for my proteins too. I don’t really like hard boiled eggs so this one has been in for 6-7 minutes so it’s still a bit runny but not too much to overflow the salad.


Then there’s also broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and cucumber. All brings vital nutrients to a healthy diet as cucumber is especially good for rehydrating your body from the inside due to its high water content. So it helps having a clear and healthy skin.


It’s a good combination of vital vitamins and nutrients that are helpful for a healthy body!

Do you enjoy to try out new recipes?

Love, Jen xx


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