Healthy Monday!: Snack for mid-morning or evening craving


Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick little post between my holidays. It’s quite common to have mid morning or late night cravings for sugar. I think this is a great alternative to eating cakes or candies, although it doesn’t have the same texture, so you could eat like a digestive with it or an oat cookie (I’m going to try to make some when I come back from my holidays, so look out for a recipe!).


Eating berries and grapes give you great vitamins and the natural sugar makes it a good snack for any time in the day. Blueberries are one of my favorite berries, although I used to hate them! They often either have no taste or are very sour. You have to eat them when they’re well ripe but before they get all soft. I started eating blueberries when I read about all their health benefits. Blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits to eat as they are a great immune system boost! They have lots of anti-oxydents that help fight against cancer, promote heart health and support digestion. They’re good against signs of aging and promote health skin. So with all these great values, I started eating blueberries and now I eat them all the time. They’re a good snack, easy to grab in a little box on the go and to put in pies or pancakes.


I also made myself a cup of tea, I usually drink green tea or Pukka detox tea, I like the different spices it has. So there you go, an easy to make and very healthy snack to have when you have a mid day or evening craving!

Love, Jen xx


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