Fashion Friday!: Comfy Chic

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Hi everyone!

Are you all ready for the weekend? I’ve veen waiting for Friday as soon as Monday started, I just really need to relax and chill! I made a deal with my boyfriend that we’re working/studying on Saturday but from like 6pm we are just going to relax. I want like a spa weekend. Or more like I NEED a spa weekend! So I think it’s gonna be bubble bath and asking nicely for a massage to just relax all our muscles and hard work from the week. Don’t you ever feel like you just need someone to take care of you again like when you were a little kid and not do anything?

So it’s fitting that for fashion friday I take out a post where I want comfort while still looking stylish. So I got out my faux leather pants and paired them with a really comfy sweater which looks really cool with the different fashion cities written in a particular writing style. On the front is only written Paris and then on the back is written various fashion cities.

Compared to a lot of faux leather pants, these are actually quite comfy with the lines on the tighs and they stretch a little bit so you don’t suffocate!


I paired it with my Nike shoes, they’re good to walk in as I have knee problems, the sole take on any shock it might occur and it’s a little more lifted in the back which is ideal to walk with. I’m also wearing my Cluse watch, I never go anywhere without it and I was also thinking of buying more bracelets to change the style to go with my outfits! Isn’t that such a cool option? I just have a little issue with one of the bands that can’t be removed but I’m seeing with Cluse what can be done about that (:



Wish you all a good weekend, I’ve just come home and thrown myself in the couch. I will have to get up at one point to do laundy and eventually do food  but we’ll see when the motivation kicks in!

Pants: Only

Sweater: Made in Korea

Shoes: Nike

Watch: Cluse

Love, Jen xx


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