Healthy Monday!: Going out for Brunch


Hi everyone!

Whether the sun is shinning or it’s pouring rain, Sunday is a day well spent when you start it with a good brunch. It’s easy to be tempted by so many things on the menu when you go for brunch. There’s so much goodness with a brunch. You can go for pancakes with fruits and mapple syrup when you feel like something sweet and a bit more heavy. It’s a good brunch but I wouldn’t recommend it every week! I like going for this alternative when I want something filling and healthy with proteins and important nutrients.

I love poached eggs on toast. There’s nothing better to eat on a Sunday to keep your full for half the day before snack time comes and you crave something sweet and warm. I like starting my days with something that gives me energy and that makes me feel good and ready to keep going with my day. When I eat pancakes, I’m just ready to lay back into my bed, am I the only one feeling this way?


I either usually go for a fruit bowl on the side or a nice mixed juice. I had never seen this juice before and sounded really intriguing to be. This is apple pommegrenate juice. Pommegrenate is extremely healthy, it’s filled with antioxidants and has vitamins A, C and E which helps keep you energized and have a healthy looking skin.


I also always have my glass of water and generally I have a little green salad on the side but I wasn’t as hungry that time! I think eating eggs and greens is always a good idea. Eating too many eggs could lead you to having bad cholesterol so just watch that you don’t eat too many and switch for white meat, chicken or fish as a protein source, which can be very yummy too!

What’s you favorite thing to order for brunch?

Love, Jen xx


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