Fashion Friday!: Last Days of Summer


Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve been having a good summer and have been able to leave your work life behind for a bit to enjoy some time alone, with family and friends! I’ve been a horrible blogger, I’m sorry about that. It was a lot more difficult to get to a computer than I planned during my summer trip…

As I mentionned in my previous post, I went to Thailand this summer and it was spectacular in terms of nature and culture. It’s not the best season to go, it’s raining season over there, so we had rain every single day at like 3pm which was a bit sad but we still managed to move around a lot and enjoy different islands, taking a boat tour to small hidden beaches and such. It was a resourcing trip, we got to discover a new culture, see how thay cook and what they utilize in their meals the most, how people act and just take in all the breathtaking views. I could make a blogpost about this trip with pictures and such, is that something that would interest any of you?

We started the trip in Bangkok and of course we went shopping in the biggest mall! So i bought this dress that I fell in love with! I’ve been missing dresses that I could wear in a big city, that looks classy enough to wear to school or work and that is comfortable to wear. This is everything I was looking for. It has this 40s look that I really like as it goes in at the waist and is mid lenght, stops right above my knees.


The buttons at the front ads a really cute look and are mandatory to open to be able to get in on. It’s quite tight at the top so to pass it over your shoulder is extremely difficult and like everything that is hard to get into, it’s even more difficult to get out of! But it’s worth the dilemma, I love the look of it and how it feels when you were it.


I tie it up in a bow at the back but guess you could also do it in the front or pass it around the front first before tying it in the back.



I paired it with a pair of white sandalds (that are very worn off so don’t pay attention to the half broken shoe haha, I love them to much to get rid of them!), some bracelets and this half moon necklace that i tie around my neck once to make it like a chocker and hence shortening that lenght of the necklace to fit above the buttons of the dress.



In case it gets cold, I always walk around with a light scarf that matches the dress so that I can put it over my shoulders to keep the wind from bothering me too much and it also dresses it up a bit I feel when you get closer to the evening.

Enjoy your last days of summer if you haven’t started yet and good luck with classes or work if you’re already back at it (: I started last week and trying to enjoy every minute out in the sun as soon as I’m off!

Dress: Bought in Bangkok

Shoes: Charles and Keith

Scarf: Mango

Necklace: &OtherStories

Bracelets: Pandora and made the pearl one myself

Love, Jen xx

Ps: If any of you speak French, I recommend the book “Pour te perdre un peu moins” from Martin Diwo. It’s his first book and it’s amazing. Takes a whole new view at relationships, breakups and first heart break as part of his own story that he turned into an interesting novel. It’s very well written, very mature and a good lesson for all generations!


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