Healthy Monday: Acaï Smoothie Bowl


Hi everyone!

Here’s to the return of Healthy Monday! I’ve moved back home in January and after having lived on my own, I’ve found it quite difficult settling into my own space. I’ve been used to having the whole house to myself or sharing half of the space with my flatmate. We had our own cupboard and our own shelves in the fridge. It was easy to plan ahead what you were going to eat and be creative with trying out new things. You bought what you wanted to eat and you always knew exactly what you had available. I rarely get to do that at home yet I managed to do this Acaï Bowl last weekend.

Living at home is so different. I live with my sister and my mom, while we’re quite similar in terms of fashion, we’re quite different in our eating habits. Most nights everyone cook for themselves but there’s no separation of space in the fridge or in the cupboards. So we buy for the family not for ourselves. When I’m at work, it’s impossible to plan what I’m going to eat for diner because I don’t know what is left in the fridge by the end of the day. This made eating healthy very difficult and challenging for me which is why I stopped blogging for a while. I had difficulty finding my place and the will to eat healthy. I gained some weight in the last six month, although it’s not much, it’s enough so that I don’t feel good in my body anymore. I try to stay strong and motivate myself to get better now. I don’t want to go back to how I was, I just want to start being healthy again, even if I don’t get back to my old weight, I want to feel good with myself. Listening to your body is quite important and I find it very difficult so distinguish the difference between being hungry and just being bored. Which is why I gained so much wait at work, we have snack available constantly and everytime I wanted a break it was right there waiting for me.

Now that I’m done with my internship, I want to take my body back into shape and my health on a good road. So I’m going to try to bring healthy monday’s back! It’s a way to force myself to think of healthy recipes or existing recipes that I’ve done in the past to get back into good habits. I’m leaving for 5 weeks total this summer so it’s going to be difficult to post while I’m away but I’ll do my best! Part of those 5 weeks, I’m going to be in Thailand and I feel like that’s going to be a great destination to be inspired to eat well and work out. Swimming is one of the greatest workout and it doesn’t strain on your muscles (I’ve been having knee problems so swimming is a great workout to tone your thighs that support knee problems).


I’ve seen these Acaï Bowl everywhere on instagram and can’t believe I’ve never tried it out until now! This is the most delicious breakfast ever! I often do smoothies but I keep them to enjoy all along the day as a snack. Doing a thicker smoothie and springling granola (come back next Monday for my Granola Recipe!), seeds and coconut chips on it made it that much better! Can’t wait to get the chance to do that again.


I used frozen raspberries and mango for this smoothie. Then I added Aduna Boabab powder for a citrus taste and some Tropeaka Acaï Powder. Depending on how liquid or thick you want it to be, add a bit or a lot of water or milk on top. I prefer to use coconut water or almond milk for these things. I’m not fond of drinking them on their own but it tastes great in smoothies so do really recommend it! There’s great nutrients in an Acaï Smoothie Bowl and you can springle anything you like on top.

Have you had any similar issues with moving back home or into a shared flat?


Jen xx


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