Fashion Friday!: Falling in love


Hi everyone!

I haven’t had the opportunity to post for a while, I’ve been extremely busy with my internship and some personal things in my life. It’s difficult to handle everything at once and getting into a new life routine between work, friends, love and family. It’s also difficult to find time for yourself in between all of that! I think it’s really important to keep some moments for yourself even if you’re in a relationship, it helps not to lose yourself and not get overwhelmed by another person. Moving back home has given me the opportunity to fall in love with an amazing guy. It feels great being back here and sharing every moment in my life with someone that makes me this happy. We try to spend a lot of time together as we get to do different activities and discover one another under different lights. We also find that by keeping some time apart from time to time, we get to miss each other more and enjoy meeting up again every single time. It makes every moment together special and worth living.

It’s a part of having to settle into my new lifestyle, working full time and trying to have a social life next to it. I had some trouble with it at first, I ate whatever I had available, stopped working out as I ran out of time, didn’t prioritize and fell into a rythm of life that didn’t make me content and happy with my body. While I find someone that made me happy, I only started recently, after a trip back to London, to eat healthy and think about what I put into my body. Everything you put into your body reflects on your productivity, energy and skin health. It’s important to listen to your body and eat without forcing yourself and straining your body. It’s also important to keep moving although you feel lazy.

For this coming back to blogging blog post, I thought I would share an outfit that is reflects my style from the beginning. Quite French and classic. Now that I’m living in Paris and working here, I have to wear clothe that are appropriate to a work environment, yet still get to dress it down a bit as we have a real start up vision that you can come in what you feel most comfortable in to let your creativity run free. So I mix it up, keeping it classy with a white button up shirt like usual, with a pair of black jeans rolled up to fit with my sneakers that match my long coat. It’s still quite chilly in the morning, so it’s a perfect outfit to get to work in!



What do you think? Do you like this startup way of dressing to make you more comfortable and efficient or do you like the classic way of dressing up to look more proffessional?

Coat: New Look

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Sneakers: Zara

Watch: Cluse

Necklace: Tiffany&Co

Rings: Nilaï

More coming up soon, I’ve done a few healthy recipes such as granola bars, granola and smoothies lately, so will post as soon as I can write something up!

Love, Jen xx


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