Fashion Friday!: Starting my internship


Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a good week and are as happy as me that the weekend is starting! I started to work at my new internship on the first Monday of the month, so it’s been two weeks now that I’ve been working there. The environment and culture of the company is really nice, everyone is open for questions and to help you if you need anything. They recently changed offices so not everything is ready yet but it looks amazing so far!

I really enjoy working in a start up company as I feel that they are still at that learning stage and trying new things to please their customers and find the best system to work all together so you kind of grow with them and there is always opportunities to learn in every sector, not just the one you work in. My company did an intro week this week for all the new staff so that we could learn about every department of the company and understand better what everyone is doing and what exactly the company’s aim and goals are for the coming year. It’s only been two weeks but so far it looks quite interesting and I’m sure that there is going to be many opportunities to learn and grow my skills.

Thought it would be appropriate to share a work outfit that is easy to put together and quite chill as the company has strickly no dress code! I love just coming in as you are, it generates creativity better and everyone feels more comfortable I think. I like wearing skirts when I go to work, so I just wore this pleated skirt that has a grey and dark grey pattern when you look closer to it.


I like this shirt as it doesn’t have a colar but these gold details on it which looks pretty nice. I also wore two gold chockers. I make one slightly shorter then the other so they are right on top of each other and are discrete enough for a work environment.



It’s the middle of winter so it’s freezing in the street of Paris, tights are mandatory! I just paired it with these little ankle boots that have a little heel to elongate your legs but is small enough so you don’t mind running around in.


Shirt: Mango

Skirt: Bought in Thailand

Boots: Zara

Watch: Cluse

Chockers: Accessories

Hope you are enjoying January so far!

Love, Jen xx



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