Fashion Friday!: RIP 2016


Hi everyone!

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas or whichever holiday it is you are celebrating with all your loved ones, that you got to eat all your favorite holiday food and that you are relaxing and ready to take on the new year! 2016 is almost over, it has had its up and downs for everyone. There has been wars, changes in politics and great discoveries this year but it is time to let all of that go and start the new year fresh with no worries on your mind. 2017 I hope will bring you love and friendship, health and fitness, success in everything you achieve and will offer you opportunities to live a full and long life! Let’s make 2017 a year of opportunities for us, the people we surround ourselves with and work towards a better world where we stop hurting innocent people and turn a blind eye. 2017 needs to be a year where we fight for what we believe in and create memories worth telling our grandkids (:

On another note, this is a Fashion Friday post so should probably talk about my outfit of the day! I generally dress in quite affordable clothe with the exception of the few items I have the chance to get from Dries Van Noten which I wear quite often. I also have bought some branded items in private sales as they become much more affordable, although lets be honest, is still way overpriced for a student budget! But well, for anyone who enjoys fashion and finds an item that she likes, will find a way to get the money for it and get great use out of it to make it all worth it. I bought this jacket from IRO which has the most beautiful jackets ever and I wish I could buy the whole store! This jacket is quite interesting as it has a distressed knit which I found quite interesting. It remains quite classy in the cut while bringing a more hipster-retro look which I like to complete with these biker type boots.



The other item that was quite pricy is this shirt from The Kooples. If you’ve followed my blog you might have noticed that I love everything black and I wear white button up shirts very often. So when I saw this one which was completely different from the rest of my white shirts I just thought that I must have this in my closet. It has a very soft material (not very practical for washing but I make do) and has a removable leather colar which gives it an interesting style.


I completed the outfit with a Tiffany&Co necklace I got from my sister as a Christmas+Birthday present. It’s very cute yet discrete which is what I love to look for in jewellery. I’m not fond of the bulky bracelets, like the charm bracelets as they clash on my laptop when I type and are uncomfortable when you write or have a tight top on. So I was extremely happy that she bought this one for me, it is incredible and my first item from Tiffany&Co.



Jacket: IRO

Shirt: The Kooples

Jeans: H&M

Boots: Dune

Necklace: Tiffany&Co

Rings: Nilaï

Bag: H&M

Wish you all a great New Years eve and first week of 2017. Thank you for being supportive throughout the year!

Love, Jen xx


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