Fashion Friday!: Almost Christmas


Hi everyone!

It’s so exciting it’s Christmas eve tomorrow!!! We’re spending the holidays in Denmark which is awesome, I love being in cold weather for Christmas. Each year I wish for a white Christmas but it never happens but at least there is a little bit more chance of it snowing up here in the North (;

We love having a lot of presents under the Christmas tree so we generally buy one main present and then plenty of small ones from shops like Tiger or Sรธsternes Grene which do a lot of small homewear or even socks and gloves and accessories which is pretty cool. It’s cheap and there’s always a fun present to find! How do you like to do you Christmas? Or maybe you celebrate another holiday, how does that one go?

What I love most about Christmas is you get to be with your family and it’s the only time of the month where we actually all make an effort to regroup in the same country. So spending Christmas with my two siblings and my mom in her home country is pretty awesome and means that we also get to see our extended family this year and celebrate Christmas eve diner at my grandma’s!



For this blog post, thought I would just share my new favorite sweater which I bought in Zara and the beginning of the month. It’s really soft and I love the big puffy sleeves at the start that then go in along the lower arm. It gives such a great interesting style when you wear it it’s pretty cool! With a pair of jeans it’s just everything you need to get through the day and feel comfy in a slight hipster style!



Jumper: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Boots: All Saints

Bracelet: Oliver Bonas

Watch: Cluse

Rings: Religion and Etam

What about you, do you have any plans or traditions for the holidays?

Love, Jen xx


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