Healthy Monday!: Alternatives to just plain water


Hi everyone!

I’m pretty easy when it comes to drinking water. Actually I’m not sure being paranoid about my water counts as easy… I get pretty anxious when I realize I don’t have any water handy. I always walk around with my water bottle on me, being outside or in my house it’s always with me if I change room. I like always having the ability to satisfy my thirst. When I’m outside and I didn’t bring my water bottle I always get quite anxious and a slight panic comes to me until I breath and tell myself I won’t die by not drinking in the next hour or so! Yes, it’s pretty bad but I try to get better with it.

I know a lot of people who tend to forget to drink water or don’t like the taste of water, they find it hard to drink a lot of. I have a hard time imagining forgetting to drink water but I can see it happen with a lot of my close friends. So I thought that many of you might be like that too, and decided I would come up with this blog post to show you what you can do to make your water more interesting and stay healthy and hydrating. It’s easy and straight forward, and does not cost a lot.


I drink lemon water quite often in the mornings, I think it helps clean your digestive system and your liver, especially if you drink a lot, it’s good to drink lemon water. I press a bit a lemon juice into a cup, add a few slices of lemon (don’t forget to clean the skin first!) and add some tap water on top. Pretty easy right?

So are the other two options that I enjoy doing. Now, I’m not a fan of cucumber water but it is very refreshing, especially when it’s very warm outside (contrary than it is now, I know!). You often get it when you go to cocktail bars, I don’t know if you have noticed. Otherwise, you can put berries in a cup, like here where I put strawberry slices and blackberries. You need to let your glass rest for those in order to taste the berries a bit. The best thing about these two is that you get a refreshing glass of water and at the same time a healthy snack!


You can pretty much do this with a lot of fruits that you like that can give taste to the water you have so much trouble drinking. Ideally, you need to drink 8 glasses of water, or like around 1.5 or 2 litres. Sounds like a lot, but making fun and creative ideas to mix up your water makes it easier and you don’t even think about how easy water slides down when you want to fish out the fruits at the bottom!

Hope this post helped, do any of you have this problem with drinking water?

Love, Jen xx


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