Fashion Friday!: Going out – Classy is Sexy


Hi everyone!

I know it’s fashion Friday on a Saturday, I just kept pushing the time to write this post back… So now that I finally got the chance to take a break from the rest of my life I can focus on this!

So I’m a massive fan of going out, partying with friends either in a club so you meet other people or at house parties with all your friends. I’m that special kind of person that enjoys both end of the spectrum. I need fancy events where you have to be in heels and dresses just like I need those nights out where you can chill and go in jeans and flat boots with everyone drinking beer around you. I enjoy both ends and I feel like I need both types to enjoy each one if that makes sense? I love dressing up, getting all fancy and going to classy events with certain people in my life, but I couldn’t just do that. It gets so repetitive and being in heels aren’t exactly the best thing to dance, so I enjoy those chill nights in dancing pubs too. Does that make any sense? What do you enjoy the best?

I haven’t actually gone out in a while, I think last time I went out was in Paris with my sister, we went to this club that does Thursday nights for girls only before midnight which is quite fun, they have horrible karaoke but fun new cocktails each time and it’s just a good mood where everyone is having fun. You have to dress classy-ish but it’s quite chill party where all the girls seem to just be in a huge slumber party. After that, we went to a quite restrictive club with more deep house music and it was awesome – again with my two types of parties! I’m not a big drinker, I enjoy a glass or two, I mainly go to dance and to talk with new people and listen to musics I can Shazam all night to add to my playlist the next day (; Am I the only one who does that?

Anyways, I wore this outfit which I find remains very sophisticated and classy but is quite sexy as it’s all tights and low in the back. I’m quite complicated when it comes to open back tops, I love them but I have a complex of walking around without a bra, I feel too naked and don’t like when you can see the actual shape of your boobs through the top, but this one I bought in Topshop is made out of faux-suede material which is quite heavy and so it stays stiff and does not shape around you which I found perfect for this type of top because it doesn’t make it too revealing!




This you’re not wearing a bra, the cleavage does not show much, you notice mainly the open back (I put a piece of blue paper in between so you can actually see how the back is shaped). I wore it with those high waisted suede blue leggings and a pair of stilleto heels. I find it to be a sophisticated look that forms around your body without it being too much – hence the title of this post Classy but Sexy!





Top: Topshop

Leggings: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bracelet: All Saints

Love, Jen xx


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