Fashion Friday!: Holidays are coming


Hi everyone!

Only a few days left before the best month of the year!! It’s getting colder outside, Christmas playlist is waiting for December 1st to hit to be played on repeat, I’ve bought twinkle light to hang around my bed rail and I have small Christmas figurines around my room and a nice Poinsettia flower (or plant? which category does it stand in?). If you can’t tell I’m really excited for this season.

Christmas is THE holiday I can’t live without. It’s the time to be happy and cheerful and have family fun! You can cosy up in warm sweaters and lit candles around the house. It’s the time to be joly. London also has Winter Wonderland that opened last weekend which is like THE best place on earth! I feel like it even got bigger this year. A huge budget goes into this event and it takes up most of Hyde Park with the attractions, and there are opportunities to play games to win stuffed animals or other small gifts as well as food and drinks all around. Christmas songs are playing in the background and family and friends are joining around for this event.





For today’s outfit of the day, this new sweater from Zara (like usual my favorite shop!) which is a velvet type knitt, very comfy! I paired it with this chocker that has velvet sides and I thought this color fit well with the sweater. Add a pair of skinny black jeans and ankle boots that suits so well with everything (; And you’ve got a simple a comfy outfit! I put a lingerie body suit under the sweater just because it’s a bit short and I don’t want cold air on my tummy!

What is your favorite item to wear this season?

Jeans: H&M

Sweater: Zara

Chocker: Zara

Boots: All Saints

Watch: Cluse

Ring: Accessories

Love, Jen xx


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