Healthy Monday!: What happened to the weekend??



Hi everyone!

Is it only me or are you also thinking what happened to TGIF? Like where did the weekend go I feel like it just started and it’s already Monday I didn’t even get to enjoy it fully! The more you have to do, the more you need that weekend chill to get your mind off everything that it just flies by and you’re right back where it started with the lack of sleep on a Monday evening, glad you managed to get through the day (barely but here we are!)


Mondays are harder the older you get I feel. Or at least at the stage you’re at uni. When you were a little kid, Mondays just meant that you got to hang out with your friends again all day. As an adult you already kind of do that in your own time on the weekend, you don’t have a break to ‘play’ in between classes anymore. Why do little kids get to nap when they’re full of energy and uni students get to do essays and figure out life and career and they take away our nap time?! How are we suppose to get through a day without wanting to just lay down and sleep in the middle of the road?


I may be exaggerating a bit, this time of the year is very tiring, all the deadlines are coming up and there is so much career stress. At least on the bright side, we’re getting closer to Christmas. You have to get through a few bumps on the road to really enjoy and appreciate the peace afterwards.


For today’s healthy Monday, here’s a super easy salad because I become lazier as the days pass by that I can’t even do a proper meal anymore. I’m on my laptop doing projects and searching for work all day, so getting up to cook isn’t my main priority. But for lunch or a light diner, it’s perfect to have just a few red peppers, cherry tomatoes lettuce and some seeds or nuts on top! It’s quick, easy and light to do while remaining healthy to give you a few vitamins and the minerals you need. If I’m hungry I fry an egg on the side which gives you some extra protein that is pretty good!


Looking forward for the holidays yet?


Love, Jen xx


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