Fashion Friday!: Moving Back Home


Hi everyone!


Hope you had a good week and thinking ‘Thank God It’s Friday!’. It’s been a long week, and everyday is a day closer to my last day in London which is quite sad actually. It’s not definitive, you never know where you’re gonna end up in life when you’re only 20. I’ve got a whole life of choices ahead of me, at least I hope so, and I’ve got big dreams that I want to accomplish, so settling in is not in my plans just yet.


I’ve had a wonderful three years here in London, not like I thought it was going to be but my chill personality didn’t go like my dreams and instead I enjoyed London in my own way, grew up and became independent. Moving away from your family while still having the option to move back home is a great thing to do I think. It’s a chance everyone should take when they are young if they have the possibility. You learn so much about yourself and about life when you live alone. You don’t have that comfort of having someone cook your food, do your laundry, check your schedule, ask you where you are going when you walk out the door. You have to handle all the good and bad decisions yourself. But if you do when you’re young enough that you still have the possibility of falling back home, you’re not as scared and you know that you always have moral support if need be. I’m moving back home for 6 month before going to new adventures. I love being independent but I’ve also missed being home for a bit.


It’s quite challenging going back home after living on your own for a while. You have to learn to be patient, let go of a lot and not put pressure on anyone else. It’s hard going back as you suddenly have someone asking you where you’re going, what your plans are and why you make this or that decision. Always having someone there when you’ve been on your own puts a lot of pressure on you, and I think it’s something we’re all going to have at one point in our life at a place other than home. So I think it’s good training and helps you become a better version of you, a more natural and open version of who you are as you have to do things on your own although you do have arms to fall back in.


Anyways, here is to my outfit of the day. As usual, I’ve gone Zara crazy. It’s sad they don’t do student discounts because I’m ruining myself in there. I just love everything they do. Just bought this shirt and chocker last week. It is quite a London look I feel, I don’t know how well I can pull that off when I’m back in Paris but I like it so who cares what others think right? The shirt goes down quite a lot on the cleavage so I like to wear a body under it, kind of hides your chest more than a push up bra which I think is more classy! Tucked in the shirt into the jeans at the front to make it feel more thought into rather than just thrown on.


To help against frizzy hair under the rain, I always wear a hat at the moment, bonus it keeps your ears warm!


My Dries Van Noten shoes, which are starting to form to my feet and don’t hurt as much anymore but can’t walk the whole day with them if I want to avoid bleeding sadly…



Do you have any tips for moving back home after being on your own for a while?


Hat: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Chocker: Zara

Watch: Cluse

Rings: My Little Paris and I think Accessorize


Love, Jen xx


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