Fashion Friday!: Love chockers


Hi everyone!


I think I have a problem, I keep wanting to shop! Every time I walk by a shop I’m like “oooh that’s cute!” and I can picture myself wearing it everyday and then I end up going inside and not coming out empty handed. I guess shopping all the time is not that much of a problem for most people, but I don’t have that much money to set for shopping and I definitely don’t have the closet space! ( I think most of you can relate to that (; ) I’m moving away from London in two months, and I’m supposed to be emptying my apartment not filling it up, but well at least I look cute doing so!


Today’s fashion most is a pretty usual style for me at the moment – skirt, my all saints boots and a little chocker. These boots have definitely been worth the price, I wear them all the time! They’re both comfy and looks good with jeans or dresses, which is pretty much the ideal thing you look for when buying shoes at that price. They need to fit for all occasions!


I saw this skirt now a year ago I think in the store and loved it immediately. At that time, I still had some kind of self control left so I didn’t buy it as it was quite expensive for me at that moment. When I went to Spain a few months later, it was in the sales section, I can’t tell you how happy I was of finding it in my size! Shows that waiting for something you want can sometimes be beneficial (; Although for you guys with a quite common size like me, waiting can also mean you loose the item forever because your size disappears quite quickly and Zara only has a limited stock of items…



Do you have any tricks to help with self-control for shopping?

Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Boots: All Saints

Watch: Cluse

Chocker: Uran Outfitters

Rings: Etam and Mariella

Bag: made in Bali

Love, Jen xx


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