Healthy Monday!: Empty your fridge to a salad



Hi everyone!


Hope you all had a nice weekend, it was quite rainy in London, every time I stepped out my door it started pouring down which ruined my shoes sadly…


Today, it was a bit chilly and called for a nice turtle neck sweater but the sun was out so that was super nice!Sunny days often makes me want to eat salad for some reason, it’s refreshing and you put everything you enjoy in it so it can be full of minerals and vitamins.


I used lettuce as a base, cut some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, yellow peppers, potatoes and some parsley in this salad. It’s pretty much everything that was left in my fridge as I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow so had to empty it all to make a yummy salad!


What’s your favorite things to put in a salad?


Love, Jen xx


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