Fashion Friday!: Feeling body conscious




Hi everyone!


It’s getting colder here in the city so it’s time to get rid of all the summer clothe and take the tights out. The temperatures are falling and the wind is blowing like crazy. Feels like the big bad wolf is trying to blow the pigs’ houses off here!


I’m usually someone who is very body conscious, hence why I started blogging as I felt that I needed something to motivate me in keeping up with eating healthy and doing what I love in thinking about fashion. I started loosing that when I was overthinking my appearances. I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve always remained quite skinny, yet compared to my family who has gone through some eating disorders I have felt like I was fat more than once. It is a psychological problem a lot of girls and boys surprisingly feel very often. The way you see yourself is always a comparison to the norms and your surroundings. I have started feeling better about the way I look and have started accepting my body shape as it is. Others can think I look good or bad, it’s there problem I am not forcing them to look my way.


In order to make a big change and be happy with my body, I bought this quite body fitting dress in H&M the other day. It’s pretty and very warm for winter time. It’s quite long so I do roll it up a bit as I don’t think knee length on tight dresses fit my height, but its show the curves of your body well without making it over the top as it has a high neck and long sleeves.


The way you feel about your body always has ups and downs. It all comes down to you accepting the way you look and working your best to be fit and healthy rather than complaining about not pleasing anyone, because really you’re the only one that needs to accept how you are and I think that having a healthier lifestyle is a way of making you happier on a daily basis.


Have you ever felt body conscious and how did or do you deal with it?


Dress: H&M

Jacket: Amisu

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Watch: Cluse

Rings: Nilaï & Etam


Love, Jen xx


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