Healthy Monday!: Inspired by cooking shows



Hi everyone!


Posting one day late sorry… I keep watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 minutes meals cooking show every time I’m home and taking a break and I always get inspired and keep wanting to make some of his recipes. For most of them, I don’t eat half of what he puts in since I’m quite difficult in food but he uses a lot of sesame seeds on chicken so thought I would give that a try and I’ve become an addict!


I mixed the chicken in paprika and salt before putting in on the pan to fry and once it’s done on one side I turn in around and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. It gives a little extra crunch which I really like. I sometimes eat that with rice if I want a fuller meal or just with spinach and fried baby corn and yellow peppers like here to get more vitamins, iron and magnesium!


Do you ever get pick up inspiration from random (yet awesome Go Jamie!) cookie shows?


Love, Jen xx


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