Healthy Monday!: Quick and Easy lunch



Hi everyone!

Do you also have those days where you just come home for lunch exhausted and you don’t want to spend too much time on making your lunch, yet you still want something fresh and yummy? Yes, I have that feeling very often! That’s why I love quick and easy lunch plans.


I’m not big on lunch so I like eating something quite light and snack on fruits or nuts later in the day. Sometimes I need some inspiration too, and that’s why I love blogging. Bloggers are the best to get ideas from. It’s easy to find exactly what you feel like doing with a quick search, especially with the evolution of Instagram nowadays.


I cut up a piece of Poilane bread (I also make this lunch a wholewheat seeded bread sometimes), added a piece of Serano ham (my favorite!) and for the vitamins added some tomatoes and some roquette leaves. Did you know that roquette leaves, although you might not like the bitter taste, are full of vitamin A, C and K as well as calcium and iron? It’s perfect to boost your immune system and help bone strength!


If you want to turn your diet into a more healthy one, it’s easy to add a little touch of healthy to any meals. Start slowly and soon you will notice that you actually like those small changes that will turn your whole diet and lifestyle to a healthy living!


What are your quick lunches recipes?


Love, Jen xx


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