Fashion Friday!: Back to uni


Hi everyone!

This week has been back to university for me, so back to planning my next day outfit every night. I just love planning outfits it’s so much fun that I do that even when I pack it makes it so much easier!

For my back to school outfit I decided to wear this jumpsuit I bought in Thailand. It looks quote fancy and is very comfy with two pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets?! It was quite sunny in London so I started the day with my new suede jacket but it got way to hit that I had to drop it off at home before going for a walk under the sun.


I really like this jumpsuit I’m just not sure about the shoulder pads sleeves. I’m not so fond of the princess look it gives so I just tuck them in which looks just as good! It’s quite open in the front so I add a black bandeau as I don’t like showing off as much and I feel like it makes it more classy and fits well with the rest of the outfit (:


The shoes are from the last Dries Van Noten collection. They’re pretty cool and classy they just kill your feet! Would definetely not recommend Dries shoes for long walks but they’re definitely worth the buy. Dries Van Noten always makes such awesome designs, I usually buy the more classic things as I like to remain discrete but I do love what they do!


Jumpsuit: Fish ~ bought in Thailand

Bandeau: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Amisu

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Watch: Cluse

Bag: Bought in Bali

Hope you enjoyed your first week bavk to school or work!

Love,  Jen xx


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