Fashion Friday!: One top two outfits

Hi everyone!

As I haven’t posted much over the summer thought I should do a post with two outfits! Same top, same color theme but two outfits for different situations.



The first outfit is the one I wore two days ago ~ my travel outfit. A simple black loose crop top with normal waist burgundy jeans. I added a lace choker wit which I’m in love at the moment I try to pair it with all of my outfits! Travel bag has my travel wallet as well as my passport of course!





Second outfit is a potential festival outfit I thought off. Same crop top and choker than outfit 1 with high waisted burgundy shorts. Sneakers for practical use as well as a hat to avoid sunburn and just be in the summer festival mood!



Crop top: Noisy May

Choker: Asos

Jeans: H&M

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Shoes outfit 1: H&M

Shoes outfit 2: Religion

Hat: Mango

Hope you enjoyed the two outfit post!

Love, Jen xx


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