Healthy Monday!: Fruits and tea



Hi everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend (: It was the first weekend back home in Paris for me so it was lots of fun catching up with all my friends again. It’s incredible how good friends, no matter how long time is in between you still talk and laugh as if you saw each other yesterday! Being back home is great, I missed my bed a lot (maybe even more than I missed my family!) the only sad thing is the weather. I left incredibly sunny London to come to rainy Paris. And it is also extremely cold it feels more like autumn weather rather than spring it’s really sad…

As I’m also doing an internship, being back home is quite challenging, I want to do so much yet I feel like I have no time at all! With the cold weather it’s important to eat healthy and load up in vitamins. As an after diner desert or also as a day snack on weekends, I enjoy doing myself a green tea and cut up a bowl of fruit. It’s yummy, filling and perfect for cold spring nights!

Do you have a little ritual for cold spring nights?

Love, Jen xx


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