Fashion Friday!:I love Spring


Hi everyone!

When the sun is shinning the wind is mild it’s a perfect day to take a nice walk in a park or through the city it’s wonderful!

Those are part of my new clothe that I will show you in the haul next week (: those jeans are my new favorite jeans they are so comfy! I actually bought them a size bigger than I usually buy because I wanted them to be a bit looser as my weight is going up and down very easily lately so I needed a pair I could wear whenever. I also really like how they are cut at the bottom they fit perfectly to the length of my legs so it looks great with flat shoes and sneakers!


The top is slightly crop top like but a bit longer than typical ones. It has those very baggy sleeves usually but it didn’t look good on camera for the outfit they do fall very nicely worn, here’s how they actually are laid out on the floor:


And due to its nice lace details at the bottom there’s no real need to accessorise it looks good kept as simple as possible!


How do you spend a nice sunny day?

Top: H&M

Jeans: Zara

Sneakers: Zara


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