Fashion Friday!: The print of the summer




Hi everyone!

Sorry for posting this two days late, I’m moving flat so it’s hard to find proper outfits and a spot to photograph them… I’ve been shopping a lot lately, which is a horrible idea as it just gives me more to move! All the shops just have so many pretty things I can’t resist! I’m going home next week so will try to photograph all my new stuff for either next Fashion Friday’s post or the following Friday to make a haul out of it (:

This week the sun is shinning but the wind is still quite cold at moments… So I keep my black jeans handy to keep the heat and wear a lighter top and shoes. This is one of the new tops which you will see in the haul, same for the shoes. I’m so in love with this top, the long sleeves are so nice. I like it when the sleeves are long and tight to hold over your hands. I also feel like this is the new print for this summer. Everything is blue with flowers or stripes, goes well with black or white which is perfect for me!

Do you have a favorite item this spring yet?

Top: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: H&M

(didn’t even realise everything was from H&M when I wore this!)

Necklace: Pieces

Love, Jen xx


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