Fashion Friday!:Almost summer weather!


Hi everyone!

It’s been so nice weather in London since my last day of exams I love it it really makes you feel like you’re on summer holidays! While I’m here in my little summer outfits when the sun shows its nose there are still people in huge winter jackets with their big scarves I don’t know how they’re not dying of heat honestly.

This weather is perfect to take a nice long walk without getting too sweaty(there’s nothing worth then being all wet and gross unless you’re at the gym and ready to jump in a shower). Took a nice long walk in Hyde Park, considering taking one of those little boats but knowing myself I would get tired in the middle of the lake and not able to paddle back!

For sunny weather I decided to wear a top with spagetti straps that cross in the back,  getting a nice little touch of the sun on your shoulders while keeping the heat in my a long pair of ripped jeans.

I’m writting this from the airport, on my way to a wedding in Dublin! First time I go to Ireland, do any of you have recommendations?

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Top: Etam

Jeans: Bought in Korea

Sneakers: Zara

Love, Jen xx


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