Healthy Monday!: Granola Bars



Hi everyone!

A few weeks back I posted about making granola which I love eating for breakfast with fresh fruits on top. Thought I should also try making my own granola bars, I like having a little snack in between my studies or have one in my bag when I’m on the go.

What I like when you make your own granola or granola bars is you can put exactly what you like in it. Do you ever find yourself eating a granola bar wishing that they hadn’t put a certain ingredient in it? That’s the beauty of making your own there’s only goodness!

I did mine with walnuts and almonds as well as dried abricots and raisins. I love the crunch of the nuts in a granola bar, it fills you up a lot more. I like adding dried fruits to give a contrast in the texture, you enjoy it a lot more than if it’s all the same consistency.

I started by toasting oats in the oven for a bit as they get a little more crunchy before mixing them with some maple syrup, a bit of vanilla extract and melted coconut oil. I kind of just played around with it so I don’t actually have measurements you can refer to… Considering I loved these so much I will try making some again in the summer when I go home and I will take measurements this time!

I feel like when you enjoy baking so much you don’t really want to measure everything. I enjoy trying and failing and most of the time even if it doesn’t turn out great I’ll just eat it anyways. I don’t put any ingredients I don’t appreciate so there is no risk of it actually turning bad.

I start by mixing the oats and nuts/fruits together then I add the liquid mixture. Once you mix it thoroughly you can add oats if it’s too sticky and runny or add maple syrup if it doesn’t hold together.ย Press it all down into a baking pan lined with baking paper and put it in the oven until it gets that golden crisp color. Leave it out for a while until it gets cold before cutting into it and wrap each bar individually so that you can grab them on your way out of the door.

Is there anything that you would like to see on the blog? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Wish you all a good week!

Love, Jen xx


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