Fashion Friday!: Spring vibes


Hi everyone!

If you are in London like me you have noticed that the weather is really weird at the moment. It’s sunny one minute, hailing the next, sunny again, thunder storm, snow for 5 minutes and back to sunny. Yeah I don’t get it either, it’s as if the city is trying to go through every season in one day! So every second there is the sun I enjoy the most of it.

Keeping it in Spring vibes I decided to wear white/beige colors. I love this vest. It’s the best buy I did last summer. It’s gorgeous, practical to wear and makes a whole outfit trendy while remaining classy. It’s great! I was going to get it in black like usual but if I’m wearing a sleeveless jacket it’s because it’s almost warm enough to not wear a jacket, all black is not going to work!


I did still end up with black jeans because let’s be honest black jeans fit with everything. Black jeans are what you go to when you have a perfect top outfit planned out and you just need something to wear at the bottom. Roll them up, put sneakers on and you’re set to go for a nice sunny day. I added two bracelets I got from my brother for Christmas. I like these, they remind me of Bali and summer so thought it was a nice add on!


Vest: TopShop

Shirt: Primark

Jeans: H&M

Sneakers: Zara

A very high street trendy look don’t you think?

Love, Jen xx



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