Healthy Monday!: Can never go wrong with fruits


Hi everyone!

I know this isn’t the first time I post about fruit salad, it is part of my daily routine to eat fruits I think it’s very important to eat fruits, they are full of nutrients and super healthy. I prefer buying fresh fruits rather than eating dried fruits or fruits bars and other variants I like seing exactly what I’m eating and it’s yummy it its purest form!

Fruit salads are so easy to make, whether its just for you or if you’re having friends over its such a refreshing snack or desert to make at any time of the day really. How can you go wrong with a fruit salad? It’s fool proof! You can be the worst cook on earth, if you fail at fruit salads you’ve got a problem!

A lot of people also add some fruit juice (not from concentrate is best for you to get less sugar and more of the actual fruit) to get a little sauce with it. If I know the fruits are sour I like adding a bit of sugar on top and when you leave it for a bit that’ll create a natural sauce to it which is nice.

Do you have any tricks to make your fruit salads even better? (Adding whipped cream is also a very yummy option, I wouldn’t recommend to do that every day though but why not on a sweet sunday?)


Love, Jen xx


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