Fashion Friday!: Spring colors


Hi everyone!

If you’ve followed by blog you can see that this outfit is a miracle for me. This color suits well with my skin color yet I always end up wearing black instead. The weather was nice and it was like calling me to wear spring colors so here we go. Not a touch of black! I really like these pastel beige green colors, it’s subtle and perfect for the season.

It’s sunny but not that warm outside, I generally plan this outfit with just my sleeveless shirt, having to find a coat that would fit took me a while… I don’t have all my wardrobe with me in London so everything I could think of pairing I didn’t have with me! Do you ever have those days that everything you want to wear you either don’t have with you or is in your dirty laundry?

These pants are quite old, I used to wear them a lot at the end of high school, I like the zip at the bottom of the legs, it gives it something extra and you can roll them up more easily if needed.


I got these boots handmade to my foot size when I was in Indonesia, you can get it done a bit cheaper than buying the exact shoes in store sometimes and then you’re sure that they’re going to fit. I like the contrast between suede and leather. Especially in a city like London it’s hard to wear suede, I feel like the rain is always just going to break it (although 90% of my boots are suede) so I think this contrast between the two goes well together and makes the boots more special.


I stole this bracelet from my sister last time I was home so I don’t know where it is from. I like the pearls on it make it classy but the leather bracelet takes the look more edgy. I’m sure I’m not the only one stealing from my sisters closet, lucky for me we wear more or less the same size with my sister and my mom, meaning we have 3 closets instead of 1!


Coat: J.S.

Shirt: Mango

Pants: Zara

Boots: Handmade

Bracelet: Gag et Lou

Love, Jen xx


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