Healthy Monday!: Little side



Hi everyone!

This is the most stressful time of the semester at my university, all our essays are due and the exams are starting next week… I always feel looking forward that the end seems so distant yet looking back I feel like it just started. Time really flies by. Thinking that I’m graduating at the end of next semester is unbelievable. I remember like yesterday my first day moving to London and starting university. It’s almost the end of my third year, I just have to start studying and pass my exams (just… lol)

I can’t wait to have this semester over with, although it passed quite quickly looking back I really need some time for myself and not stress about university. I’ll have a few weeks off before hopefully starting an internship which is going to be lots of fun and going to teach me a lot. I really wanted to work this summer, getting real life experience in the industry is the only way to find what you would like to do for the rest of your life and in what field you can be most helpful using any skills that you have and what skills you need to develop to be the most efficient in your work. I love being part of a team and working on various projects, seeing that at the end all the efforts you’ve done aren’t wasted.

Anyways, for Monday’s meal I thought I would show a little side that is easy to do and very good to eat when you are still a bit hungry after your meal. Roquette salad, cherry tomatoes and asparagus are a good little mix full of nutrients and perfect for a refreshing side dish. Do you have a side dish to recommend?

Love, Jen xx


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